MLT Lawyers’ lawyer has many years of Corporate Legal with positions such as Legal Director, Legal Manager, Legal Specialist of Companies, large Groups and Lecturers from University. Therefore, they have in-depth knowledge in the field of Corporate Legal, understand the needs as well as the existing and potential legal risks in the Company.


  • L.T Lawyers can appoint lawyers to work directly at your Company full time or part time depending on the needs of the Clients.
  • L.T Lawyers always appoints an experienced lawyer to follow the Clients, the Clients can call or email to request advice at any time.
  • L.T Lawyers fully implements all legal issues that may arise in the client’s Company:
  • To check contracts, agreements.
  • To advise legal issues in Corporate Management and business.
  • To draft contract forms
  • To advise and implement business registration procedures, amending business licenses, licenses for enterprise operations
  • To advise, review legal documents, processes, regulations of the Company
  • To advise, register for protection of intellectual property rights at domestic and foreign
  • Legal training for businesses
  • To advise dispute settlement, participate in litigation at Court
  • To advise M&A, investment, projects
  • To review and revise the company’s employee handbook and internal labour regulations
  • To provide secretarial functions for Company
  • To prepare meeting minutes and resolutions for the Company

If the Clients would like further information on In House Counsel service of MLT Lawyers, please contact directly to: +84 (28) 62727987 or hotline: 0919.211.048 or email: [email protected]

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